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IJABE’s SCI Journal Impact Factor reached 1.007 in JCR 2015 and 0.835 in JCR 2016

The International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (IJABE) received its first impact factor of 1.007, ranking 7th out of 14 SCI-indexed agricultural engineering journals in the world in JCR2015, and the second JIF of 0.835, 9 out of 14 in JCR2016.  
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Vol 10, No 5 (2017): IJABE

Table of Contents

Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

Multi-temporal monitoring of wheat growth by using images from satellite and unmanned aerial vehicle PDF
Du Mengmeng, Noguchi Noboru, Itoh Atsushi, Shibuya Yukinori 1-13
Downwash distribution of single-rotor unmanned agricultural helicopter on hovering state PDF
Zhang Songchao, Xue Xinyu, Sun Zhu, Zhou Lixin, Jin Yongkui 14-24

Power and Machinery Systems

Numerical analysis of clamping pressure during carton clamp handling of heavyweight corrugated packages PDF
Jongmin Park, Jongsoon Kim, Jonghun Park, Laszlo Horvath, Ghiseok Kim 25-34
Energy Management Strategy of Control Parameter Adjustment for Extended-Range Electric Tractors PDF
Xu Liyou, Zhang Junjiang, Liu Mengnan, Zhou Zhili, Liu Chengqiang 35-44
Design and test of flexible chassis automatic tracking steering system PDF
Song Shujie, Li Yining, Qu Jiwei, Zhou Wei, Guo Kangquan 45-54

Natural Resources and Environmental Systems

Geo-cognitive computing method for identifying “source-sink” landscape patterns of river basin non-point source pollution PDF
Zhang Xin, Cui Jintian, Liu Yuqi, Wang Lei 55-68
Modeling the effects of plastic film mulching on irrigated maize yield and water use efficiency in sub-humid Northeast China PDF
Liu Yang, Yang Haishun, Li Yanfeng, Yan Haijun, Li Jiusheng 69-84
Evaluation of tomato fruit quality response to water and nitrogen management under alternate partial root-zone irrigation PDF
Yang Hui, Cao Hongxia, Hao Xinmei, Guo Lijie, Li Hongzheng, Wu Xuanyi 85-94
Local attribute-similarity weighting regression algorithm for interpolating soil property valuesLocal attribute-similarity weighting regression algorithm for interpolating soil property values PDF
Zhou Jiaogen, Dong Daming, Li Yuyuan 95-103
Roles of different fertilizer management practices on mulberry leaf yield and quality PDF
Faruque Ahmed, Rafia Sultana, Oli Ahmed, Md. Akhtaruzzaman, Md. Toufiq Iqbal 104-114

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems

Agricultural cooperatives and the role of organisational models in new intelligent traceability systems and big data analysis PDF
Cynthia Giagnocavo, Fernando Bienvenido, Li Ming, Zhao Yurong, Jorge Antonio Sanchez-Molina, Yang Xinting 115-125
Image processing methods to evaluate tomato and zucchini damage in post-harvest stages PDF
José Antonio Álvarez-Bermejo, Cynthia Giagnocavo, Li Ming, Encarnación Castillo Morales, Diego P. Morales Santos, Yang Xinting 126-133
Development of automatic counting system for urediospores of wheat stripe rust based on image processing PDF
Li Xiaolong, Ma Zhanhong, Fernando Bienvenido, Qin Feng, Wang Haiguang, José Antonio Álvarez-Bermejo 134-143
Predicting bruise susceptibility in apples using Vis/SWNIR technique combined with ensemble learning PDF
Yao Jian, Guan Jiyu, Zhu Qibing 144-153
Potential and limitations of satellite laser altimetry for monitoring water surface dynamics: ICESat for US lakes PDF
Liu Shu, Qigang Jiang, Xuesong Zhang, Kaiguang Zhao 154-165
Image compression algorithm of floral canopy based on mask hybrid coding for ROI PDF
Sun Guoxiang, Wang Xiaochan, Ding Yongqian, Li Yuhua, Zhang Baohua, Li Yongbo, Zhang Yu 166-176
Distance-based separability criterion of ROI in classification of farmland hyper-spectral images PDF
Tang Jinglei, Miao Ronghui, Zhang Zhiyong, Xin Jing, Wang Dong 177-185
Individual pig object detection algorithm based on Gaussian mixture model PDF
Li Yiyang, Sun Longqing, Zou Yuanbing, Li Yue 186-193
Intelligent monitoring method of cow ruminant behavior based on video analysis technology PDF
Chen Yujuan, He Dongjian, Fu Yinxi, Song Huaibo 194-202

Biosystems, Biological and Ecological Engineering

Comparison of wheat-based rotation systems and monocropping systems under dryland Mediterranean conditions PDF
Servet Tekin, Attila Yazar, Hatun Barut 203-213

Renewable Energy and Material Systems

Py-GC/MS study of lignin pyrolysis and effect of catalysts on product distribution PDF
Si Zhan, Wang Chenguang, Bi Kang, Zhang Xinghua, Yu Chiling, Dong Renjie, Ma Longlong, Pang Changle 214-225
Catalytic fast pyrolysis of corn stover in a fluidized bed heated by hot flue gas: Physicochemical properties of bio-oil and its application PDF
Yang Wen, Fu Peng, Yi Weiming 226-233

Agro-product and Food Processing Systems

Effects of salt ions on rheological properties of SPI-GG hybrid system PDF
Bi Chonghao, Zhang Yulai, Wu Min, Ni Zijian, Li Gang, Liu Yi, Dong Li, Liu Yude, Huang Zhigang 234-241
Effects of chlorine dioxide on morphology and ultrastructure of Fusarium sulphureum and its virulence to potato tubers PDF
Li Mei, Tian Shilong, Shen Jin, Wang Xizhuo, Cheng Jianxin, Li Shouqiang, Ge Xia, Tian Jiachun 242-250

Safety, Health and Ergonomics

PSO-SVM applied to SWASV studies for accurate detection of Cd(II) based on disposable electrode PDF
Zhao Guo, Wang Hui, Yin Yuan, Liu Gang 251-261
Preliminary study on qualitative and quantitative detection of norfloxacin based on terahertz spectroscopy PDF
Long Yuan, Li Bin 262-268

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