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IJABE’s SCI Journal Impact Factor reached 1.007 in JCR 2015 and 0.835 in JCR 2016

The International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (IJABE) received its first impact factor of 1.007, ranking 7th out of 14 SCI-indexed agricultural engineering journals in the world in JCR2015, and the second JIF of 0.835, 9 out of 14 in JCR2016.  
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Vol 10, No 6 (2017): IJABE

Table of Contents

Animal, Plant and Facility Systems

Heat stress alleviation for dairy cows housed in an open-sided barn by cooling fan and perforated air ducting (PAD) system PDF
Xie Lina, Wang Chaoyuan, Ding Luyu, Gui Zhiyuan, Zhang Lu, Shi Zhengxiang, Li Baoming, Jia Chuntao 1-10
Influences of greenhouse-integrated semi-transparent photovoltaics on microclimate and lettuce growth PDF
Reda Hassanien Emam Hassanien, Li Ming 11-22
Inactivation efficiency of slightly acidic electrolyzed water against microbes on facility surfaces in a disinfection channel PDF
Zang Yitian, Li Baoming, Shi Zhengxiang, Sheng Xiaowei, Wu Hongxiang, Shu Dengqun 23-30

Power and Machinery Systems

General structure design and field experiment of pneumatic rice direct-seeder PDF
Xing He, Wang Zaiman, Luo Xiwen, Cao Xiaoman, Liu Chunbo, Zang Ying 31-42
Optimization design and test of rice plug seedling transplanting mechanism of planetary gear train with incomplete eccentric circular gear and non-circular gears PDF
Ye Bingliang, Yi Weiming, Yu Gaohong, Gao Yang, Zhao Xiong 43-55
Bench cutting tests and analysis for harvesting hemp stalk PDF
Shen Cheng, Zhang Bin, Li Xianwang, Yin Guodong, Chen Qiaomin, Xia Chunhua 56-67
Design and test of a six-rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) electrostatic spraying system for crop protection PDF
Zhang Yanliang, Lian Qi, Zhang Wei 68-76
Virtual simulation analysis and verification of seed-filling mechanism for dipper hill-drop precision direct rice seeder PDF
Wang Jinwu, Zhou Wenqi, Tian Liquan, Li Shuwei, Zhang Zhao 77-85
Establishment and verification of labor demand estimation model in planting industry PDF
Xu Bing, Wang Fulin, Wang Jiquan, Zhao Shengxue 86-93

Natural Resources and Environmental Systems

Influences of alternate partial root-zone irrigation and urea rate on water- and nitrogen-use efficiencies in tomato PDF
Liu Xiaogang, Li Fusheng, Zhang Fucang, Cai Huanjie, Yang Qiliang 94-102
Effects of water-fertilizer coupling on root distribution and yield of Chinese Jujube trees in Xinjiang PDF
Liu Hongguang, He Xinlin, Li Jing, Li Fadong, Gong Ping, Zhang Jie, Yang Guang 103-114
Effects of timing and duration under brackish water mulch drip irrigation on cotton yield in northern Xinjiang, China PDF
Wang Chunxia, Yang Guang, Li Junfeng, He Xinlin, Xue Lianqing, Long Aihua 115-122
Land use change characteristics affected by water saving practices in Manas River Basin, China using Landsat satellite images PDF
Yang Guang, Chen Dong, He Xinlin, Long Aihua, Yang Mingjie, Li Xiaolong 123-133
Kinetic and thermodynamic effects of moisture content and temperature on the ammonia volatilization of soil fertilized with urea PDF
Lei Tao, Guo Xianghong, Ma Juanjuan, Sun Xihuan, Feng Yang, Wang Hongyu 134-143
Characteristics and risk assessment of agricultural meteorological disasters based on 30 years’ disaster data from Heilongjiang Province of China PDF
Xing Zhenxiang, Yang Zhaorui, Fu Qiang, Li Heng, Gong Xinglong, Wu Jingyan 144-154

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems

Development of real-time laser-scanning system to detect tree canopy characteristics for variable-rate pesticide application PDF
Cai Jichen, Wang Xiu, Song Jian, Wang Songlin, Yang Shuo, Zhao Chunjiang 155-163
Classification and evaluation of uncertain influence factors for farm machinery service PDF
Wu Caicong, Cai Yaping, Hu Bingbing, Wang Jie 164-174
Predicting sandy soil moisture content with hyperspectral imaging PDF
Qi Haijun, Jin Xiu, Zhao Liu, DEDO Irene Maxime, Li Shaowen 175-183

Renewable Energy and Material Systems

Antioxidant activity of phlorotannins from brown algae PDF
Xin Liu, Wenqiao Yuan, Ratna Sharma-Shivappa, John van Zanten 184-191
Systematic comparison of hydrogen production from fossil fuels and biomass resources PDF
Kang Peng, Gary Morrow, Zhang Xiaolei, Wang Tipeng, Zhongfu Tan, Jayant Agarwal 192-200
Converting rubber seed oil into hydrocarbon fuels via supported Pd-catalyst PDF
Chen Yubao, Hao Yajie, Zhao Yongyan, Zhou Liming, Yang Shunping, Gao Yanni, Ma Jiangli, Du Junchen, Dona Souliyathai, Zhang Aimin 201-209

Agro-product and Food Processing Systems

Application of direct steam injection system to minimize browning of white radish (Raphanus sativus) broth during sterilization PDF
Tae Hoon Ham, Won Byong Yoon 210-220
Optimization of compression formulation and load of food-grade tracers for grain traceability using central composite design PDF
Liang Kun, Zhang Lingling, Lu Wei, Cedric Sean Okinda, Shen Mingxia 221-230
Analysis of threshed rice mixture separation through vibration screen using discrete element method PDF
Li Hua, Wang Jinshuang, Yuan Jianbo, Yin Wenqing, Wang Zhiming, Qian Youzhang 231-239

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