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IJABE’s First SCI Journal Impact Factor reaches 1.007, ranking 7th out of 14

We are pleased to share the good news that the International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (IJABE) received its first impact factor of 1.007, ranking 7th out of 14 SCI-indexed agricultural engineering journals in the world.  
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Vol 10, No 1 (2017): IJABE

Table of Contents

Overview Articles

Progress in microalgae cultivation photobioreactors and applications in wastewater treatment: A review PDF
Han Ting, Lu Haifeng, Ma Shanshan, Yuanhui Zhang, Liu Zhidan, Duan Na 1-29
Research progress of siloxane removal from biogas PDF
Gao Ruiling, Cheng Shikun, Li Zifu 30-39

Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

Analysis and experiment on cutting performances of high-stubble maize stalks PDF
Zhao Jiale, Huang Dongyan, Jia Honglei, Zhuang Jian, Guo Mingzhuo 40-52
Experimental study on mechanical characteristics of nut rupturing under impact loading PDF
Cao Chengmao, Sun Si, Ding Ran, Li Bing, Wang Shuo 53-60

Power and Machinery Systems

Optimization design and experiment on ripple surface type pickup finger of precision maize seed metering device PDF
Wang Jinwu, Tang Han, Wang Jinfeng, Li Xin, Huang Huinan 61-71
Optimization of movable irrigation system and performance assessment of distribution uniformity under varying conditions PDF
Yuan Shouqi, Ransford Opoku Darko, Zhu Xingye, Liu Junping, Tian Kun 72-79
Development and evaluation of power consumption model for no-till planter based on working parameters PDF
Gao Dongming, Li Lianhao, Qiao Xiaodong, Khokan Kumer Sarker 80-87

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems

Simulation and test of an agricultural unmanned airboat maneuverability model PDF
Yufei Liu, Noboru Noguchi, Roshanianfard Fard Ali 88-96

Biosystems, Biological and Ecological Engineering

Improvement of microalgae lipid productivity and quality in an ion-exchange-membrane photobioreactor using real municipal wastewater PDF
Chang Haixing, Fu Qian, Huang Yun, Xia Ao, Liao Qiang, Zhu Xun 97-106
Comparative study on cultivation of microalgae for nutrient removal and lipid production in different artificial wastewaters PDF
Hao Rui, Yu Zhen, Li Jinchen, Gao Min, Ma Weiling, Zhu Yi 107-114
Raceway pond cultivation of a new Arthrospira sp. ZJWST-S1 in digested piggery wastewater treated by MBR and ozonation PDF
Liu Rui, Yu Qiangqiang, Guo Qingqing, Zheng Wei, Wang Genrong, Chen Lujun 115-124
Surface characteristics of microalgae and their effects on harvesting performance by air flotation PDF
Wen Hao, Li Yanpeng, Shen Zhou, Ren Xiangying, Zhang Wenjun, Liu Jun 125-133
Comparison of growth, hydrocarbon accumulation and metabolites of Botryococcus braunii between attached cultivation and aqueous-suspension cultivation PDF
Cheng Pengfei, Wang Yan, Yang Qiyong, Liu Tianzhong 134-141
Enhanced microalgae cultivation using digested kitchen waste sewage treated with struvite precipitation PDF
Tian Chaoyu, Ye Xiao, Xu Yingying, Hua Wei, Wang Wanqing, Wu Shuang, Paul Chen, Cheng Yanling 142-147

Renewable Energy and Material Systems

Biocrude oil production from Chlorella sp. cultivated in anaerobic digestate after UF membrane treatment PDF
Wang Meng, Wang Xinfeng, Zhu Zhangbing, Lu Jianwen, Yuanhui Zhang, Li Baoming, Lu Haifeng, Duan Na, Zhang Dongming, Dong Taili, Liu Zhidan 148-153
Medium-low temperature hydrothermal hydrolysis kinetic characteristics of concentrated wet microalgae biomass PDF
Ding Xiaojian, Huang Yun, Liao Qiang, Fu Qian, Xia Ao, Xiao Chao, Zhu Xun, Reungsang Alissara, Liu Zhidan 154-162
Application of zeolite adsorption and biological anaerobic digestion technology on hydrothermal liquefaction wastewater PDF
Li Ruirui, Ran Xia, Duan Na, Yuanhui Zhang, Liu Zhidan, Lu Haifeng 163-168
Preparation and application of a new catalyst to produce bio-oil from microalgae liquefaction PDF
Wang Yipeng, Nan Ge, Wang Wenjia, Zhang Jinglai, Han Wei 169-175
Online measurement of alkalinity in anaerobic co-digestion using linear regression method PDF
Bai Xue, Li Zifu, Wang Xuemei, He Xi, Cheng Shikun, Bai Xiaofeng, Gao Ruiling 176-183
Effects of calcium carbonate on preparation and mechanical properties of wood/plastic composite PDF
Cai Hongzhen, Yang Keyan, Yi Weiming 184-190
Bioreactor performance and microbial community dynamics in a production-scale biogas plant in northeastern China PDF
Gao Yamei, Yang Anyi, Bao Jun, Ma Ruxia, Yan Lei, Wang Yanjie, Wang Weidong 191-201
Maximal methane potential of different animal manures collected in northwest region of China PDF
Chen Fen, Yu Gao, Li Wei, Liu Fenwu, Zhang Wuping, Bu Yushan, Li Xiaomei 202-208
CFD modeling and experiment of heat transfer in a tubular photo-bioreactor for photo-fermentation bio-hydrogen production PDF
Zhang Zhiping, Zhang Quanguo, Yue Jianzhi, Li Lianhao, Zhang Tian, Liu Zhengbai 209-217

Agro-product and Food Processing Systems

Nutritional compositions of various potato noodles: Comparative analysis PDF
Xu Fen, Hu Honghai, Dai Xiaofeng, Liu Qiannan, Huang Yanjie, Zhang Hong 218-225
Grape size detection and online gradation based on machine vision PDF
Wang Qiaohua, Tang Yihua, Xiao Zhuang 226-233

Structures and Bio-environmental Engineering

Crack simulation and probability analysis using irregular truss structure modeling equivalent to a continuum structure PDF
Won Choi, Seongsoo Yoon, JeongJae Lee 234-247

Safety, Health and Ergonomics

Measurement and evaluation of whole body vibration of agricultural tractor operator PDF
Md. Shaha Nur Kabir, Sun-Ok Chung, Yong-Joo Kim, Nam-Seok Sung, Soon-Jung Hong 248-255

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Fourth Environment-Enhancing Energy (E2-Energy) Conference in Beijing, China, July 8-10, 2016 PDF
Liu Zhidan, Yuanhui Zhang, Brian B. He, Liao Qiang 256-258
International Editorial Board PDF
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