Vol 10, No 4 (2017)


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Overview Articles

Comprehensive review of models and methods used for heat recovery from composting process PDF
Zhao Rongfei, Gao Wei, Guo Huiqing 1-12

Applied Science, Engineering and Technology

First order dynamics approaching of broiler chicken deep body temperature response to step changes in ambient temperature PDF
Takoi K Hamrita, Richard H. Conway 13-21
Performances evaluation of four typical unmanned aerial vehicles used for pesticide application in China PDF
Wang Shilin, Song Jianli, He Xiongkui, Song Le, Wang Xiaonan, Wang Changling, Wang Zhichong, Ling Yun 22-31
Distribution law of rice pollen in the wind field of small UAV PDF
Li Jiyu, Yubin Lan, Wang Jianwei, Chen Shengde, Huang Cong, Liu Qi, Liang Qiuping 32-40
Numerical simulation and experimental verification on downwash air flow of six-rotor agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle in hover PDF
Yang Fengbo, Xue Xinyu, Zhang Ling, Sun Zhu 41-53
A novel detection method of spray droplet distribution based on LIDARs PDF
Zheng Yongjun, Yang Shenghui, Yubin Lan, Clint Hoffmann, Zhao Chunjiang, Chen Liping, Liu Xingxing, Tan Yu 54-65

Animal, Plant and Facility Systems

Development and test verification of air temperature model for Chinese solar and Spainish Almeria-type greenhouses PDF
Jorge Antonio Sanchez-Molina, Li Ming, Francisco Rodriguez, Jose Luis Guzman, Wang Hui, Yang Xinting 66-76

Power and Machinery Systems

Development and experiment of rice hill-drop drilling machine for dry land based on proportional speed regulation PDF
Fu Wei, Zhang Zhiyuan, Zang Ying, Luo Xiwen, Zeng Shan, Wang Zaiman 77-86
Friction wheel transmission of no-tillage corn planters PDF
Jia Honglei, Zhuo Zhang, Chen Zhi, Zheng Tiezhi, Zhao Jiale, Guo Mingzhuo 87-97
Effect of travel speed on seed spacing uniformity of corn seed meter PDF
Liu Quanwei, He Xiantao, Yang Li, Zhang Dongxing, Cui Tao, Qu Zhe, Yan Bingxin, Wang Mantao, Zhang Tianliang 98-106

Natural Resources and Environmental Systems

Transformation of surface water and groundwater and water balance in the agricultural irrigation area of the Manas River Basin, China PDF
Yang Guang, He Xinlin, Li Xiaolong, Long Aihua, Xue Lianqing 107-118
Identification of impacts of climate change and direct human activities on streamflow in Weihe River Basin in Northwest China PDF
Fan Jingjing, Huang Qiang, Liu Dengfeng 119-129
Determination of crop and soil evaporation coefficients for estimating evapotranspiration in a paddy field PDF
Yan Haofang, Zhang Chuan, Hiroki Oue, Peng Guangjie, Ransford Opoku Darko 130-139

Information Technology, Sensors and Control Systems

Development of a tomato harvesting robot used in greenhouse PDF
Wang Lili, Zhao Bo, Fan Jinwei, Hu Xiaoan, Wei Shu, Li Yashuo, Qiangbing Zhou, Wei Chongfeng 140-149
Radiative transfer models (RTMs) for field phenotyping inversion of rice based on UAV hyperspectral remote sensing PDF
Yu Fenghua, Xu Tongyu, Du Wen, Ma Hang, Zhang Guosheng, Chen Chunling 150-157
Proportional distribution method for estimating actual grain flow under combine harvester dynamics PDF
Wang He, Bai Xiaoping, Liang Hongbin 158-164
Feature extraction of jujube fruit wrinkle based on the watershed segmentation PDF
Zhang Junxiong, Ma Qingqin, Li Wei, Xiao Tingting 165-172

Biosystems, Biological and Ecological Engineering

Visual reaction effects induced and stimulated by different lights on phototactic bio-behaviors in Locusta migratoria manilensis PDF
Liu Qihang, Xin Zhe, Zhou Qiang 173-181

Renewable Energy and Material Systems

Manure nutrient application on a Chinese dairy farm with arable land: A case study based on Dutch experience of equilibrium fertilization PDF
Roland W. Melse, Fridtjof E. de Buisonjé, Qiao Wei, Dong Renjie 182-188
Effects of biomass pellet composition on the thermal and emissions performances of a TLUD cooking stove PDF
Zhang Zongxi, Sun Zhenfeng, Zhang Yinghua, Ding Hongyan, Zhou Yuguang, Zhang Yixiang, Riaz Ahmad, Crispin Pemberton-Pigott, Dong Renjie 189-197
Thermal cracking products and bio-oil production from microalgae Desmodesmus sp. PDF
Li Gang, Xiang Shunan, Ji Fang, Zhou Yuguang, Huang Zhigang 198-206
Determination and evaluation of biogas and methane productions of vegetable and fruit wastes with Hohenheim Batch Test method PDF
Ali Aybek, Serdar Üçok 207-215

Agro-product and Food Processing Systems

Influences of harvester and weather conditions on field loss and milling quality of rough rice PDF
Ragab Khir, Griffiths Atungulu, Ding Chao, Zhongli Pan 216-223
Rheological properties of flaxseed meal and soybean protein isolate blend by extrusion PDF
Li Siqin, Wu Min, Zhao Donglin, Liu Yi, Sun Yang, Li Dong 224-233
Effects of heat pump drying temperature and dietary fat on carrot β-carotene bioaccessibility PDF
Sun Xiaofei, Zhu Wenxue, Li Xinling, Fan Jinling 234-242
Differentiating between fertilized and unfertilized eggs prior to incubation based on oxygen flux measurement PDF
Wang Qiaohua, Fu Dandan, Ma Meihu, Zhang Tao 243-251

Safety, Health and Ergonomics

Rapid determination of histamine concentration in fish (Miichthys Miiuy) by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and density functional theory PDF
Chu Bingquan, Lin Lei, He Yong 252-258

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